“Days Gone Bye” Filming Locations

Series: The Walking Dead Season 1, Episode 1
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The Walking Dead episode "Days Gone Bye" was filmed in Atlanta in United States of America.
Show Map

Highway 92 & Highway 70 as Opening Intersection

Rick walks through an intersection filled with broken cars.


Parking Lot (at Railroad & Main) as Parking Lot

Rick and Shane chat while eating lunch in the cruiser.


Spears Lane as Roadblock

Shane and Rick set up a roadblock to stop a high-speed chase and Rick gets shot.


Berne Street Southeast (between Park & Boulevard) as Bicycle Zombie

Rick is picking up a bicycle when a zombie without legs reaches for him.


Highway-11 (between James Benton & Mill Pond) as Road to Atlanta

Rick drives to Atlanta in his cruiser.


24399 Maddox Street as Farmhouse

Rick walks up to a farmhouse where he finds the resident's dead inside and he takes a horse to continue his journey.


Freedom Parkway Northeast (at Jackson Street Overpass) as Road into Atlanta

Rick rides down the highway towards downtown.


Forsyth Street Northwest & Walton Street Northwest as Tank

Rick is forced to take shelter inside a tank after stumbling on a zombie hoard.


Texaco as Gas Station

Rick shoots a young zombie girl.


Atlanta Mission as Hospital

Rick wanders out of the hospital after waking up from his coma and finds the world in ruins.


InVesta Services as Sheriff's Department

Rick, Morgan, and Duane head to the Sheriff's Department to gather supplies and shower.


Maddox Street (between County Line & Shepherd) as Breaking Down

Rick's cruiser breaks down and he is forced to continue on foot.


Nelson Street Southwest (between Elliot & Ted Turner) as Roadway into Downtown

Rick rides his horse across an elevated roadway into downtown Atlanta.


Fairlie Street Northwest & Walton Street Northwest as Zombie Hoard

Rick turns a corner and finds himself face-to-face with a giant zombie hoard.


Bellwood Quarry as Quarry

The survivors at the quarry hear Rick on the radio.


817 Cherokee Avenue Southeast as Rick's House

Rick rides up to his house and searches it for signs of his family.


376 Ormond Street Southeast as Morgan's House

Rick wakes up in a house with Morgan Jones and his son Duane.