Find Movies Filmed In A City

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles is the birthplace of the movies. It's illustrious film industry has made "Hollywood" synonymous with the glitz and glamor of the movies.

Vancouver, BC

Vancouver is the Hollywood of Canada. Many sci-fi films and television shows film here. Vancouver's nondescript skyline makes the perfect backdrop for a generic modern city.

Seattle, WA

Seattle's ferries and evergreens make it the quintessential northwest city. But after shooting the landmarks, most movies opt to do the majority of their filming in Vancouver. Don't let the alleyway power lines fool you.

Chicago, IL

Chicago's gritty streets look back to a time when gangsters ruled. Its massive skyscrapers and overhead trains lend themselves to a perfect Gotham City.

Atlanta, GA

Not just a Delta hub anymore—thanks to some tax incentives, Georgia is now in many new releases.

Las Vegas, NV

Sin City almost always appears as itself in movies.

Peñíscola, Spain

A fortified seaport known as "The City in the Sea". The most popular destination is the Castillo de Peñíscola where Pope Benedict XIII lived at the end of his life.