“Black Jesus” Filming Locations

Jefferson and Anissa both take difference approaches when a dangerous new drug starts to appear in the school. Meanwhile, Jennifer makes a major decision to help Khalil through his recovery.

Series: Black Lightning Season 1, Episode 4
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Black Lightning episode "Black Jesus" was filmed in Atlanta in United States of America.
Show Map

Super Food Mart as 30th & Sycamore

Anissa sees two students getting drugs when they should be in school and she comes back later to beat up the two dealers.


307 Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard Northwest as 389 Hart Avenue

Jefferson tests out his suit's new ability to see through walls while scouting a Green Light warehouse.


Boogalou Restaurant & Lounge as Ruby Red Lipstick Bar

Anissa and Grace are leaving the bar after closing when a group of assholes attempt to assault them.