“AKA Start at the Beginning” Filming Locations

Jessica deals with her newfound notoriety after killing Kilgrave while Trish digs up information on the company that gave Jessica her powers.

Series: Jessica Jones Season 2, Episode 1
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Jessica Jones episode "AKA Start at the Beginning" was filmed in New York in United States of America.
Show Map

Pomodoro Restaurant & Pizzeria as Slice City

Jessica returns to her client with information on the cheating and the client offers to pay Jessica to murder her boyfriend.


Mulberry Street (between Prince & Spring) as Street

Trish is followed by a strange van while walking to join Jessica for a rooftop movie night.


The Pierre New York as Women in Law Banquet

Hogarth gives a speech after winning an award that her partners got her as a PR move.


Tower 45 as Pryce's Office

Jessica watches Pryce from across the street and then later returns to steal one of his high-profile clients.


114 West 47th Street as Rooftop near Pryce's Office

Jessica watches Pryce Cheng from across the street looking for dirt.


180 Claremont Avenue as Jessica's Apartment

Trish leaves and drives away while being watched by a mysterious figure in a hoodie and later Jessica chases the Whizzer out of her building.


Long Island City Courthouse as Courthouse

Trish and Griffin meet Jessica after her arraignment for her assault of Pryce but they are distracted by fans.


The Pierre New York as Charity Gala

Griffin tries to reassure Trish that Jessica's problems weren't caused by her investigation.


West 100th Street (between Riverside & West End) as Street near Jessica's Apartment

Jessica chases the Whizzer down the street but he is killed by a collapsing scaffolding.


Prime Time Plaza as Industrial Garments & Handling

Jessica follows her research to an abandoned building that holds the lab that experimented on her as a child.