“AKA Ain't We Got Fun” Filming Locations

Jessica decides what to do about her mother, Malcolm does Jessica's job for her, Trish loses more control, and Hogarth investigates someone who might be able to cure her.

Series: Jessica Jones Season 2, Episode 8
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Jessica Jones episode "AKA Ain't We Got Fun" was filmed in New York in United States of America.
Show Map

34 Madison Avenue as 21 Shore Road

Detective Costa leads the police to the address Jessica sent him.


51st Avenue & Center Boulevard as Crosswalk

Jessica asks the cabbie to pull over before Alisa loses her cool.


180 Claremont Avenue as Jessica's Apartment

Jessica runs out looking for her mother who disappeared after the detective came around to ask questions.


Lafayette Street (between Houston & Prince) as Malcolm on Street

Malcolm takes a call from Trish and tells her that is he heading to a bar for a case.


East 9th Street (between 1st & 2nd) as Trish on Street

Trish calls Malcolm to see if Jessica has returned and gets angry at a car while crossing the street.


Jersey Street (between Lafayette & Mulberry) as Whiskers (exterior)

Malcolm gets into a fight with some homophobic assholes outside the bar and after Trish rescues him she convinces him to take a hit from the inhaler.