“AKA The Perfect Burger” Filming Locations

Jessica finds herself having trouble adjusting to her new life as a hero when she gets a visit from Dorothy who thinks Trish is in trouble.

Series: Jessica Jones Season 3, Episode 1
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Jessica Jones episode "AKA The Perfect Burger" was filmed in New York in United States of America.
Show Map

The Crescent Beach Club as Mexican Beach

Jessica travels to Mexico to recover a young girl who was taken out of the country by her father after he lost custody.


Buttermilk Bar as Josie's Bar

Jessica drinks her feelings away and asks the bartender to put on Trish's show.


210 Cook Street as Trish's Apartment

Jessica follow's Dorothy's directions to Trish's sketchy new apartment.


146 Franklin Street as Nouvet Hotel

Jessica follows one the addresses she found on Trish's computer and finds a room all set up for a stakeout.


149 Franklin Street as Andrew Brandt's Apartment

Jessica watches from across the street as Trish follows some dude into his apartment and then sets off the alarm intentionally.


Terra as Restaurant

Malcolm watches from a car he recently purchased with cash as Cody Willamett leaves a bar and drives off drunk.


51st Avenue & 23rd Street as Intersection

Cody Willamett is driving through an intersection when Malcolm smashes into him with his new car.