“AKA I Have No Spleen” Filming Locations

Jessica forces Trish to keep her distance while she hunts down Andrew Brandt despite her injuries. Hogarth asks Malcolm to investigate Kith husband.

Series: Jessica Jones Season 3, Episode 3
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Jessica Jones episode "AKA I Have No Spleen" was filmed in New York in United States of America.
Show Map

Stage 11 (Broadway Stages) as Metro-General Hospital

Trish throws away the supplies she got for Jessica and later Jessica checks herself out against medical advice.


Tutto il Giorno as Tutto il Giorno Ristorante

Hogarth goes out for lunch with Kith and they discuss their lives.


149 Franklin Street as Andrew Brandt's Apartment

Jessica searches for clues that might lead her to Andrew Brandt and finds Trish already there.


The New York Academy of Medicine as Bronwyn University

Malcolm sneaks into Peter Lyonne's office to plant spying software on his laptop.


Lexington Avenue (between 90th & 91st) as Hot Dog Stand

Jessica buys a hot dog to eat with her pills and spies Trish following her from across the street.


Affirmation Arts as Cassaro Gallery

Jessica breaks into the gallery and finds the stolen statue before spotting Trish talking her way in to steal information from the client list.