“AKA I Wish” Filming Locations

Trish and Jessica form an uneasy alliance to find evidence of Gregory Sallinger's crimes.

Series: Jessica Jones Season 3, Episode 5
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Jessica Jones episode "AKA I Wish" was filmed in New York in United States of America.
Show Map

North 3rd Street (between Wythe & Berry) as Street

Gregory Sallinger walks down the street with two suitcases containing his latest victim.


Chelsmore as Gregory Sallinger's Apartment

Trish and Jessica surveil Gregory Sallinger and Trish shuts down the power to sneak into his apartment when he leaves.


Chelsmore as Building across from Gregory Sallinger's

Jessica sets Trish up on the rooftop to keep an eye on Gregory Sallinger's apartment window.


West 38th Street (between 10th & 11th) as Street outside The Midtown Hotel

Jessica follows Gregory Sallinger and spots him meeting Erik who then drags a prostitute into the nearby hotel.


Tracks off 53rd Avenue as Rail Yard

Trish and Jessica follow Gregory Sallinger to a train yard and spy him depositing the new body part in an abandoned tanker car.