“Let's Do It Again” Filming Locations

The L Word: Generation Q episode “Let's Do It Again” was filmed in Los Angeles in the United States of America.

3040 Landa Street as Shane's House

Finley gripes about her living situation while assembling Shane's new bed and Shane offers her a spare room.

Mayfield Senior School as Angie's School

Angie gets out of school under the cover of a sick grandmother and heads off with Jordi.

10000 Washington Boulevard as Nùñez Inc. (lobby)

Dani is informed that she will need to take over a meeting with Bette as her father is unavailable.

Wilshire Grand Center as Nùñez Inc. (offices)

Dani takes over when her father is unavailable to meet with Bette but Bette reacts poorly to their opioid work.

Los Angeles Central Library as Election Press Conference

Bette presents her vision to the city and is then during the Q&A segment a man accuses her of sleeping with his wife.

Echo Park as Echo Park

Angie and Jordi are hanging in the park when they learn about Bette's affair.