“Psalm 46:5” Filming Locations

Series: Warrior Nun Season 1, Episode 1
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Warrior Nun episode "Psalm 46:5" was filmed in Málaga, Marbella, & Antequera in Spain.
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Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación as Church

Sister Frances leaves after dropping off Ava's body just as the members of the Order are seeking shelter after a mission gone wrong.


Calle Císter & Calle Pedro de Toledo as Street

Ava is harassed by a group of dudes while wandering down the street before vomiting, being hit by a van, and being thrown through a wall into a nearby store.


Playa de Venus as Beach

Ava walks through the surf and runs down the beach at night while barefoot.


Calle Padre José Vera as Beachside Street

Ava notices a strange red cloud and follows it down onto a side street.


Calle Buitrago (between Caballeros & Estación) as Alley

Ava continues following the strange red smoke but gets distracted and heads into a bar instead.


Marbella Club Hotel as Beach Villa

Ava jumps into a pool before remembering she doesn't know how to swim and is rescued by JC who is squatting in the attached villa with a group of friends.

Source: IMDb


The Royal Collegiate Church of Santa María La Mayor as Cat's Cradle

Mary returns to the Order and tells Father Vincent what she has learned about Ava.

Source: IMDb


Antigua Prisión Provincial de Málaga as Prison Rave

Ava attends a rave with JC and his friends and has a bad trip when she sees another red smoke creature.

Source: IMDb