“Ecclesiasticus 26:9-10” Filming Locations

Series: Warrior Nun Season 1, Episode 4
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Warrior Nun episode "Ecclesiasticus 26:9-10" was filmed in Málaga & Antequera in Spain.
Show Map

Playa de la Malagueta as Beach

Ava wanders on the beach in the morning after the attack in the alley and is discovered by JC.


El Barco as New Beach Villa

JC takes Ava back to their new hangout and Chanel helps her figure out her style.


Instituto de Hortofruticultura Subtropical y Mediterránea (University of Malaga) as Arq Tech

The Order break into the lab to steal the shield.


Promenada Farola as Promenade

Ava sits looking out at the port while thinking back to her time in the orphanage.


The Royal Collegiate Church of Santa María La Mayor as Cat's Cradle

Cardinal Duretti begins to take a more active role in the Order and sends Lilith after the Halo.

Source: IMDb


Málaga Cruise Terminal as Ferry Terminal

Ava and JC prepare to leave the city but Ava realizes she needs to head back to the orphanage to protect Diego.