“The Star Spangled Man” Filming Locations

Bucky tags along with Sam on a mission to investigate the Flag Smashers and they both figure out how they feel about this new Captain America.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode “The Star Spangled Man” was filmed in Atlanta & Marietta in the United States of America.

Duluth High School as Custer's Grove High School

John Walker gives an interview on Good Morning America at his old high school about becoming Captain America.

C130 Hanger (Dobbins ARB) as Air Force Hanger

Bucky confronts Sam as he is preparing for his mission about giving up the shield.

Pratt-Pullman Yard as Abandoned Warehouse outside Munich

Sam and Bucky sneak into the warehouse and spot several members of the Flag Smashers loading supplies into the back of two trucks.

Fulton County Airport - Brown Field (FTY) as Bratislava Airfield

Karli is overseeing the loading of supplies onto a small plane when the Power Broker's mercenaries arrive forcing her to sacrifice one of her teammates to give them a chance to escape.