“I'll Give You a Clue” Filming Locations

Ryan and Mary team up with Sophie when her first case comes back to haunt her and Alice makes a deal with Black Mask.

Batwoman episode “I'll Give You a Clue” was filmed in Burnaby, North Vancouver, & Coquitlam in Canada.

8355 Wiggins Street as Warehouse

Ryan fights a few False Face goons with a plan to plant a tracker on one of them but her plan is interrupted by the Crows.

New Brighton Park as Burnside Park

Jacob takes another dose of Snakebite in the park his daughters used to love and ignores Alice's call for help.

Canadian Motion Picture Park as Quiz Bowl Studio

Ryan and Mary step on a pressure plate connected to a bomb and are forced to compete in a quiz show with Sophie's help to buy themselves more time before detonation.