“9 Lives” Filming Locations

Shawn and Gus investigate a series of suicides that turn out to be murders.

Series: Psych Season 1, Episode 5
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Psych episode "9 Lives" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

2756 O'Hara Lane as Henry Spencer's House

Henry uses cereal to teach young Shawn a lesson about turning a problem upside down.

Source: Psych Forums


Kensington Place as Mortimer Tilden's Apartment

Shawn and Gus are walking with their lunches when they 'accidentally' come upon a crime scene. Shawn manages to talk their way into the crime scene and they search for evidence before being discovered by Lassiter.


2766 O'Hara Lane as Gloria Stark's Garage

Shawn and Gus arrive at the scene of another apparent suicide with the cat and notice some suspicious dry cleaning in the car.


Bellevue Avenue (between 14 & 15) as Driving

Gus complains about the cat taking up the front seat while they drive to to apartment of the first victim.


1875 Bellevue Avenue as Wes Hiltonbock's Apartment

Gus and Shawn head to the apartment of the first victim posing as potential renters and talk to the victim's brother.

Crescent Beach as Beach

Juliet brings Lassiter information on the stress line while he is sitting outside eating lunch.

Villa Dardanelles as McNab's Apartment

Shawn and Gus run to McNab's apartment to stop him from being killed by Wes Hiltonbock.