“Poker? I Barely Know Her” Filming Locations

Henry comes to Shawn with a case on behalf of an old friend while Juliet tries to find out enough about Lassiter to throw him a surprise birthday party.

Series: Psych Season 1, Episode 14
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Psych episode "Poker? I Barely Know Her" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Southport as Brandon Peterson's Apartment

Shawn and Gus head to the apartment that Barndon Peterson was evicted from looking for his old stuff.

Coffee With Attitude as Coffee With Attitude

Shawn and Gus to to the coffee shop to meet with Brandon after catfishing him through the online poker game.


Jim Pattison Lexus as Car Dealership

Shawn and Gus take Brandon Peterson to his father's car dealership but when they return the next day they learn that Brandon stole from the office safe.

12499 23a Avenue as Lassiter's House

Juliet tries to throw a surprise birthday party for Lassiter but accidentally invites a bunch of perps he previously arrested.

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