Movies Filmed at 34 Seguin Street

34 Seguin St, Parry Sound, ON P2A, Canada
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Seguin Street (between James & Johnson) from Slasher
38 m

Beverly's from Pete's Christmas
38 m

Parry Sound Books from Pete's Christmas
46 m

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Sarah Bennett Gallery

Sarah is shown her new gallery space by Robin and Justin in episode 1x01 “An Eye for an Eye”. She is visited by Heather while getting the shop ready in episode 1x02 “Digging Your Grave with Your Teeth”. A creepy customer comes in to buy some art in episode 1x03 “Like as Fire Eateth Up and Burneth Wood”.

Appears in 3 additional episodes.
As Water Is Corrupted Unless It Moves

Sarah tries to keep Cam busy while the police search for June.

Ill-Gotten Gains

Sarah is visited by Alan Henry and draws Robin.

Soon Your Own Eyes Will See

Sarah sells all her art to a group of goths.