Movies Filmed at Former Pacific Ocean Park

41 Sea Colony Dr, Santa Monica, CA 90405, USA
Nearby Locations
The Shores Apartments from Mad Men
224 m

Beach Parking Lot at Rose Avenue from Lucifer
409 m

26 Rose Avenue from I Love You, Man
415 m

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Beverly Hills, 90210

From episode 1x21 "Home Again".

Source: IMDb

Simon & Simon

From episode 6x07 "The Rookie".

Source: IMDb

Mod Squad

Fun City

From episode 1x02 "Bad Man on Campus".

Source: IMDb


Source: IMDb

Route 66

From episode 2x29 "Between Hello and Goodbye".

Source: IMDb

The Fugitive

From episode 4x30 "The Judgment: Part II".

Source: IMDb

Melrose Place

From episode 1x26 "End Game".

Source: IMDb

Get Smart

From episode 3x20 "The Wax Max".

Source: IMDb

The Twilight Zone

From episode 5x01 "In Praise of Pip".

Source: IMDb

Hold On!

Source: IMDb

The Millionaire

From episode 6x08 "Millionaire Jeff Mercer".

Source: IMDb

The Rookies

Abandoned Amusement Park

From episode 1x03 "The Informant".

Source: IMDb