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Wayne & Kady's Farm

Wayne and Daryl make fun of a pair of hockey players who drop off Kady in episode 1x01 “Ain't No Reason to Get Excited”. Wayne fights several challengers who show up at the farm and the gang throws a extremely soft birthday party for Daryl in episode 1x02 “Daryl's Super Soft Birthday”. The gang comes up with the idea for Fartbook after listening to Dan let one loose and they call in Stewart and his friend to help them execute the idea in episode 1x03 “Fartbook”.

Appears in 18 additional episodes.
Wing Man Wayne

Reilly and Jonesy come to the farm to ask Kady what would make her come back to their games.


Kady notices Daryl's hand and thinks he might have rabies.

A Fuss in the Back Bush

Kady, Wayne, and Daryl discuss what to do about the marijuana they found on the back bush.

A Fuss at the AG Hall

Dan and Daryl ask about Wayne's date from the night before and Stewart shows up to pick up Kady.

The Election

Daryl and Dan advise Wayne on the first thing he should do as AG Hall President.


Wayne, Daryl, and Dan talk about girls while throwing the ball around.

The Native Flu

Wayne tells everyone about seeing Stewarts ding-a-ling while the they are all out collecting stones.

Uncle Eddie's Trust

Kady and Wayne learn that their uncle has left them an inheritance and they call the people of the town over to make proposals on how to spend the money.

Finding Stormy a Stud

Gail brings a series of studs to breed with Stormy.

St. Perfect's Day

The gang shares Irish shots for the holiday and then head off to party.

Sled Shack

Wayne, Daryl, and Dan are discussing their plans for the skate shack when Katy arrives home with her two dude models.

Puck Bunny

The gang discusses how to solve the problem of the trashed skate shack.

MoDeans 2

Dan asks Wayne & Daryl about butt stuff while chatting on the porch.

The Battle for Bonnie McMurray

The gang discusses Bonnie McMurray's hot tub party.

Bradley is a Killer

Kady gives the guys a hard time about how annoying they were while drunk the night before.

Also appears in “Les Hiques”, “Never Work a Day in Your Life”, & “A Fuss at the Golf Course”.

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