Movies Filmed at Gerry McCrory Countryside Sports Complex

235 Countryside Dr, Sudbury, ON P3A 5A2, Canada
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Letterkenny Memorial Arena

Reilly and Jonesy taunt the other team from the sidelines while wondering why Kady no longer attends their games in episode 1x04 “Wing Man Wayne”. Reilly and Jonesy stand in front of the arena waiting to leave for an away game in episode 1x05 “Rave”. Reilly and Jonesy find one of their teammates is on meth in episode 1x06 “A Fuss in the Back Bush”.

Appears in 12 additional episodes.
A Fuss at the AG Hall

The two hockey players start their first day on the senior team.

The Election

Jonesy and Reilly try to deal with their position at the bottom of the new team.


Jonesy and Reilly sit in their car anxious before practice.

The Native Flu

The older plays tell the pair about their upcoming game.

Finding Stormy a Stud

Reilly and Jonesy get another talking down by their coach and feel bad enough that they want to skip practice.

Sled Shack

Reilly and Jonesy psych themselves up before heading inside to their adoring fans.

Puck Bunny

Reilly and Jonesy attempt to solve the problem with Angie and eventually Katy goes to solve the problem.

MoDeans 2

The coach tries to get the team into shape.

Bradley is a Killer

The team prepares for the final game of the year.

Also appears in “Uncle Eddie's Trust”, “Les Hiques”, & “The Battle for Bonnie McMurray”.

Source: Reddit

Rez Rink

The team arrives at the rink where Tamsin accuses Letterkenny of turning into a meth town in episode 1x05 “Rave”. Reilly and Jonesy arrive at the arena for the away game and are confronted by Tamsin outside before Wayne and the rest of the backup from town arrive in episode 2x04 “The Native Flu”.