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Convenience Store

Kady heads into the store while Stewart watches her in episode 1x02 “Daryl's Super Soft Birthday”. Waynes goes to pick up supplies for the jamboree and the cashier Bonnie flirts with him hard in episode 1x05 “Rave”. Stewart and Roald follow a kid behind the store to find Tamsin waiting for them with threats in episode 1x06 “A Fuss in the Back Bush”.

Appears in 4 additional episodes.
The Election

Kady arrives at the store where Bonnie is standing outside while the other skids dance nearby.


Stewart comes to the store to talk with the other skids about Kady.

The Native Flu

Kady mocks Devon after he gives her a hard time.

Finding Stormy a Stud

Kady sees a poster for a talent & model search outside the store.