Movies Filmed at Spanish Cultural Heritage Institute

C. Pintor el Greco, 4, 28040 Madrid, Spain

Part of Universidad Complutense de Madrid

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Facultad de Farmacia from Sounds Like Love
857 m

Parque de la Bombilla from Cable Girls
1.4 km

Calle de Abdón Terradas from Warrior Nun
2.0 km

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Warrior Nun

Church of Adriel

Jillian follows the energy stream to her new headquarters and finds Kristian has turned it into a church for Adriel in episode 2x04 “Corinthians 10:20–21”. The team infiltrates Adriel's gathering and Ava plants the device on the roof before being attacked by Lilith in episode 2x06 “Isaiah 40:31”. As worshippers stream inside, the crew from the OCS drives into the garage for their assault in episode 2x08 “Jeremiah 29:13”.