Police Academy Filming Locations

A group of assorted misfits join the Police Academy after admission rules are relaxed and are barely tolerated by the instructors.

Part of the Police Academy series
Police Academy was filmed in Toronto in Canada.
Show Map

Former Parking Lot at Simcoe Place

Valet Lot

Carey Mahoney gets in trouble after crashing a car he is supposed to be parking.

Source: IMDb

Riverdale Shopping Centre

Kodak Fotofast

Leslie Barbara is working at his photo booth which a group of hooligans steal his whole booth.

Source: IMDb

Cherry Street Bridge

Dumping off Bridge

Leslie Barbara's booth is dumped off a bridge.

G Building (HCLC)

Police Academy (main building)

The new recruits arrive at the academy where Commandant Lassard has his office.

I Building (HCLC)

Police Academy (men's dorm)

The men attending the academy are show to their new rooms.

Circular Field (Colonel Sam Smith Park)

Police Academy (field)

The cadets are trained at the academy.

F Building (HCLC)

Police Academy (classroom)

The cadets attend classes.

Beach (Colonel Sam Smith Park)

Obstacle Course

The cadets are put through an obstacle course.

J Building (HCLC)

Police Academy (women's dorm)

The women at the academy are housed in a dorm next door to the men's.

The Silver Dollar Room

The Blue Oyster Bar

Two cops arrive at what they think is the big weekend party only to learn it is a gay bar.

Source: Torontoist

Lake Shore Boulevard West (between 8th & Islington)

Driving Lessons

Carey has to take the seats out of his car so Moses can fit.

Lake Shore Boulevard West & Islington Avenue

Swerving around Corner

The cops follows Moses around the corner.

Southside Auto Centre

Used Car Lot

The police crash through a crash through the power poles at a used car lot.

Courtyard (HCLC)

Driving Course

The students learn pursuit driving.



Fackler accidentally sets off the riot in front of a bar.

Dupont Street & Edwin Avenue

Start of Riot

The runaway pinball machine crashes into a corner store and sets off the riot.

Alley (south of Nassau, west of Augusta)


Two cops have their guns stolen by a large man.

Hanna Avenue (between Snooker & Liberty)

Flower Shop

A group of police officers are pinned down in the street in front of a flower shop.