Carol Filming Locations

Carol was filmed in Cincinnati in United States of America.
Show Map

Arnold's Bar & Grill


Therese and Richard go out for drinks with Phil and his brother.


Hilton Netherland Plaza

Drake Hotel

Carol and Therese check into the famous Drake Hotel while in Chicago. See the real Drake Hotel here.


Maury's Tiny Cove


Carol takes Therese to lunch as a thank you for returning her gloves.


Spare Time Grill

Spare Time

Therese and Abby talk at a diner on their drive back to New York.

Source: Filmap


Shaker Inn


Carol and Therese stay at the motel on their road trip.

2581 Grandin Road

The Aird's Estate

Carol and Rindy's New Jersey home.


Kostas Restaurant


Therese gives Carol a Christmas Present on their road trip.


Eden Park

Christmas Tree Lot


Multiple scenes of Therese and Richard in the park.


Former Old Oskamp Nolting/Mill End Draperies

Frankenberg's Department Store

The interior of Frankenberg's where Therese first meets Carol was shot on the second floor of Mill's End Draperies, which housed the display cases of the former Oskamp Nolting department store.


Edward R. Stearns House

Harge's Family Home

Carol eats with Harge's family in order to see Rindy.


The Cincinnati Club

Oak Room

Therese finds Carol at dinner with friends.

Ritz Tower Hotel

We find the two ladies meeting for a drink in the lobby of a hotel at the start of the film.