Room Filming Locations

A young woman is finally able to escape confinement where she and her 5-year-old son has been trapped with her for his entire life by her kidnapper.

Part of the 88th Academy Awards Collection

Room was filmed in Toronto & Mississauga in Canada.
Show Map

917 Beechwood Avenue

Old Nick's House

Old Nick carries Jack out of Room in the carpet and later the police return and rescue Joy.

Enola Avenue (between Revus & Lakeshore)

Street near House

Jack unrolls the carpet while Old Nick drives down the street.

Revus Avenue & Shaw Drive

First Stop

Old Nick stops at a stop sign while Jack struggles in the back.

Revus Avenue (between Marf & Shaw)

Second Corner & Tracks

Jack escapes the carpet while Old Nick turns a corner and drives over some train tracks.

Marf Avenue & Revus Avenue

Escaping Truck

Jack escapes the truck and manages to get a bystander's attention and escape Old Nick.

Lakeshore Road East & Alexandra Avenue

Cops Turning

The police car carrying Jack turns around when the house is located.

Bridgepoint Health Hospital


Joy and Jack are treated at the hospital after escaping from the room.


9 Aylesbury Road

Nancy & Leo's House

Joy and Jack go to live at her childhood home with her mother.

Marie Curtis Park


Joy follows Jack as he runs down the beach.

Nathan Phillips Square

Ice Skating Rink

Joy and Jack go ice skating.


Apache Burgers

Apache Burgers

Jack and Joy eat burgers.