Creed Filming Locations

The son of Apollo Creed travels to Philadelphia to become of a boxer and is trained by his father’s old opponent Rocky for a fight against one of the greatest fighters of his generation.

Part of the Rocky series

See also: I, II, III, IV, V, & Rocky Balboa.

Creed was filmed in Liverpool in United Kingdom and Philadelphia & Gainesville in United States of America.
Show Map

Hall County Sheriffs Department

Youth Jail

Mary Anne Creed comes to see Adonis at the jail after he gets into a fight.


One Franklin Plaza

Smith Boardley Financial Group

Adonis resigns from his job after coming back from a fight in Tijuana.


3300 Aramingo Avenue

Delphi Boxing Academy

Adonis fights in a pair of bouts at his father's old gym in Los Angeles.


Schuylkill Expressway (near Penn Park)

Taxi into Town

Adonis rides a taxi into town.


814 North Broad Street

Adonis & Bianca's Apartment Building

Adonis moves into a new apartment and meets his downstairs neighbor Bianca.

Source: Total Rocky


Philadelphia Museum of Art

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Adonis goes to see the Rocky statue shortly after arriving in town. Later, Adonis leads Rocky up the steps at the end of the film.


The Victor Café

Adrian's Restaurant

Adonis heads to Rocky's restaurant and tries to convince the old boxer to train him.

Source: IMDb


Rupert Lane Recreation Ground

Liverpool Park

'Pretty' Ricky Conlan runs through the park during his HBO Sports profile.


Goodison Park

Goodison Park

'Pretty' Ricky Conlan stands in the middle of the stadium during his HBO Sports profile. Later, people watch the fight between Adonis and 'Pretty' Ricky Conlan. A limited number of shots of the stands were shot during an actual game, but the fight itself was on a sound stage.


Ninni's Dollar Plus Market

Mighty Mick's Gym (exterior)

Adonis heads to Rocky's old gym.

Source: Total Rocky


Must Fight Boxing Club

Mighty Mick's Gym (interior)

Adonis heads to Rocky's old gym to train.

Source: IMDb


Johnny Brenda's

Johnny Brenda's

While he is out for a run, Adonis slips into the bar where Bianca is performing.

Source: IMDb


Max's Steaks

Max's Steaks

Bianca takes Adonis to the famous cheesesteak place for their first not-a-date.

Source: Total Rocky


Laurel Hill Cemetery

Adrian's Grave

Rocky visits the grave of his old friend.

Source: Total Rocky


Empty Lot off Annin Street

Chicken Catching

Rocky has Adonis run after a chicken during his training montage.


Schuylkill Banks Boardwalk


Rocky times Adonis who is running down the boardwalk during his training montage.

Source: Total Rocky


East Dauphin Street (between Emerald & Coral)

Adonis & Rocky Talking

Adonis talks Rocky into supporting his fight against Leo Sporino.


2504 Federal Street

Rocky's House

Adonis moves in with Rocky so he can train for the upcoming fight.

Source: Total Rocky


Front Street Gym

Front Street Gym

Rocky takes Adonis to a local gym to train away from prying eyes.

Source: Total Rocky


Temple Performing Arts Center (Temple University)

'The Lion' Fight

Adonis fights Leo 'The Lion' Sporino.

Source: Philly Voice


Folsom Street & North 17th Street

Bianca & Adonis Talking

Bianca chews Adonis out for not telling her about his father.


Electric Factory

Electric Factory

Bianca gets set to perform as the opening act for a major band at a prominent venue.

Source: Total Rocky


South 9th Street (between Carpenter & Kimball)

Italian Market

Adonis runs through the market while training.


Weikel Street & East Clearfield Street

Followed by Bikes

Adonis runs down the street and is joined by a bunch of people kids on bikes.

Source: Total Rocky


East Clearfield Street (between Amber & Martha)

Running with Bikes

Adonis is surrounded by a group of bikes while running.


St. George's Hall

St. George's Hall (exterior)

Adonis and Ricky Conlan attend the weigh-in in Liverpool.