Me and Earl and the Dying Girl Filming Locations

A teenage filmmaker who tries to stay under everyone’s radar at school enters into an unexpected friendship with a classmate recently diagnosed with cancer.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl was filmed in Pittsburgh in United States of America.
Show Map

305 South Lang Avenue

Greg's House

Greg lives with his parents in this house. This is the author's childhood home.


Dobson Street & Hancock Street

Bus to School

Greg rides the school bus in the morning.


Schenley High School

Schenley High School

Greg and his friends attend school here.

Source: IMDb


1035 Murray Hill Avenue

Rachel's House

Greg visits his schoolmate Rachel's house at his mother's request after they learn she is dying. Everything but Rachel's bedroom was shot here.

Source: IMDb


Yew Street & Robinson Street

By the Tracks

Greg walks to Earl's house as a train passes behind him.


6 Wood Street

Earl's House

In a flashback, Greg visits Earl at his house only to be chased away by their dog. Later, Greg and Earl are working on a new film in the empty lot next door while Earl's brother watches when Madison shows up and chats with them.

Source: IMDb


Coffey Way

"Breathe Less"

Earl and Greg's have filmed a parody of Breathless in the alley.


North Shore Riverfront Park

"The Seven Seals"

Greg & Earl's parody of The Seventh Seal was shot on the waterfront.


The Copacetic Comics Co.

Video Store

Greg takes Rachel to the store to look at new movies.

Source: IMDb


Brereton Street & Herron Avenue & Hancock Street

Bus Stop

Earl & Greg get off the school bus while high.


The Corner

The Corner

Greg, Earl, and Rachel get ice cream and sit on the steps outside the shop eating it.

Source: IMDb


Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC (exterior)

Greg goes to visit Rachel at the hospital during her treatments. Later, he visits her on prom night.

Source: IMDb


Fairmont Pittsburgh

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC (lobby)

Greg sits with Rachel while she watches one of his movies and she convinces him to apply to college.

Source: IMDb


John J. Kane Regional Nursing Center

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC (room)

Greg keeps Rachel company in her hospital room while she is undergoing treatment. Later, he shows her his final video on prom night.

Source: IMDb


Fifth Avenue (between Birmingham Bridge & Robinson)

On Bus

Greg rides the bus home after leaving school early.


Andy Warhol Bridge

Crossing Bridge

The bus Greg is riding in goes across the bridge.