Doc Martin Filming Locations

Doc Martin was filmed in Port Isaac in United Kingdom.
Show Map

Camelot Castle Hotel

The Castle Hotel

Martin is interviewed for the position of Portwenn physician in episode 1x01 "Going Bodmin". Marin, Louisa, and PC Penhale search the Castle Hotel for Mrs. Tishell and missing James Henry in episode 5x08 "Ever After".


Dinnabroad Farm

Dannabroad Farm

Martin visits his aunt out at her farm in episode 1x01 "Going Bodmin".

Source: IMDb


Port Isaac Harbour

Portwenn Harbour

The Doc sees a VW that was left parked on the beach floating in the water after the tide rose in episode 1x01 "Going Bodmin".

Source: IMDb


Fern Cottage

Doc Martin's Surgery

Doc Martin takes over the clinic in the small town of Portwenn in episode 1x01 "Going Bodmin".

Source: Fern Cottage


The Old School Hotel

Portwenn School (exterior)

Martin walks past the school and sees Louisa inside teaching while wearing an eyepatch in episode 1x01 "Going Bodmin".


Padstow Harbour


John Slater's boat is mored in the harbour in episode 1x05 "Of All the Harbours in All the Towns".


Bodmin Parkway Station

Train Station

Doc Martin picks up his parents from the train station in episode 2x06 "The Family Way".


The Headland Hotel

Mrs. Wilson's Hotel

From episode 3x04 "The Admirer".


Pencarrow House & Garden

Music Show

Martin and Louisa go on their first date at a music performance in episode 3x05 "The Holly Bears a Prickle".


Delabole C.P. School

Portwenn School (interior)


The Old Inn & Restaurant

Pub (interior)

Louisa gives birth to their child in a pub in episode 4x08 "The Wrong Goodbye".


Doyden Castle

Pentire Castle

Louisa, Martin, and Penhale track Mrs. Tishell and James Henry to a remote holiday home on the cliffs in episode 5x08 "Ever After".