Outlander Filming Locations

Outlander was filmed in Prague in Czechia, Glasgow in United Kingdom, and Cape Town in South Africa.
Show Map

Doune Castle

Castle Leoch

Claire and Frank explore the ruins of the castle on their honeymoon trip in episode 1x01 "Sassenach".

Source: IMDb


Tulloch Ghru


Claire runs into Black Jack Randall by a stream after arriving in the past and is rescued by Murtagh in episode 1x01 "Sassenach".


Craigh na Dun

Clair and Frank watch a mysterious ritual at the stones in the middle of the night and then return the next morning in episode 1x01 "Sassenach".


High Street (between Cross & Back)

Inverness Street

Claire and Frank arrive in Inverness and see a marking in blood over one of the doors in episode 1x01 "Sassenach".

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The Covenater Hotel

Mrs. Baird's Bed & Breakfast

Frank and Claire check into a B&B in Inverness in episode 1x01 "Sassenach".


Fayre Earth

Farrells General Store

Claire examines the window display in a shop in town in episode 1x01 "Sassenach".


Abandoned Dunmore Park House

Field Hospital

Claire treats wounded soldiers when she hears that the war has ended in episode 1x01 "Sassenach".


Curloss Palace

Castle Leoch Herb Garden

Claire visits the herb garden and picks plants with Geillis in episode 1x03 "The Way Out".

Geillis's Home

From episode 1x10 "By the Pricking of My Thumbs".

Jacobite Meeting


Bo'ness And Kinneil Railway

Railway Station

Claire and Frank part ways at the rail station during the war in episode 1x03 "The Way Out".


Culross West Kirk

Black Kirk

Claire investigates a ruined church where Tammas Baxter got sick after visiting on a dare in episode 1x03 "The Way Out".


Highland Folk Museum

MacKenzie Village

Claire and Jamie accompany Dougal when he goes around collecting the rents in episode 1x05 "Rent".


Glencorse Old Kirk


Claire and Jamie are married in episode 1x07 "The Wedding".


Roslin Glen Country Park

River Shore

Jamie argues with Claire about her putting herself at risk to rescue him from Fort William in episode 1x09 "The Reckoning".


Hopetoun House

Duke of Sandringham's Estate

From episode 1x10 "By the Pricking of My Thumbs".

Source: Hopetoun

Tibbermore Church

Cranesmuir Church

Claire and Geillis are put on trial for witchcraft in episode 1x11 "The Devil's Mark".


Preston Mill & Phantassie Doocot

Lallybroch Mill

Jamie is fixing the mill at Lallybroch when the Redcoats show up and force him to hide underwater in episode 1x12 "Lallybroch".

From episode 1x11 "The Devil's Mark".


Mercat Cross

Cranesmuir Square

From episode 1x03 "The Way Out". The angry villages carry Geillis Duncan up the hill to be burned as a witch in episode 1x11 "The Devil's Mark".


Midhope Castle


From episode 1x02 "Castle Leoch". From episode 1x12 "Lallybroch". From episode 1x13 "The Watch". From episode 1x14 "The Search". From episode 2x08 "The Fox's Lair". Claire visits Lallybroch in 1968 and finds the property abandoned and gone to ruin in episode 2x13 "Dragonfly in Amber". Jamie is returned to Lallybroch terribly injured after the battle at Culloden Moor in episode 3x01 "The Battle Joined". Jamie helps out his family while hiding in some caves nearby while the English soldiers regularly harass everyone in episode 3x02 "Surrender".

Source: IMDb


Linlithgow Palace

Wentworth Prison

From episode 1x15 "Wentworth Prison". From episode 1x16 "To Ransom a Man's Soul".


Balgonie Castle

Eldridge Manor

From episode 1x15 "Wentworth Prison".


Bracken Bay


Claire, Jamie, and Murtagh leave Scotland on a boat to France in episode 1x16 "To Ransom a Man's Soul".


Aberdour Castle

Abbey of Ste. Anne de Beaupre

Claire helps Jamie recover after his time in Wentworth in episode 1x16 "To Ransom a Man's Soul".


Pollok Country Park

Castle Leoch Grounds

Dueling Grounds

Claire rides out to where Jamie is dueling with Jack Randall in episode 2x06 "Best Laid Schemes…".


Dysart Harbour

Le Havre Harbour

Jaime, Claire, and Murtagh arrive in France after escaping Scotland in episode 2x01 "Through a Glass, Darkly".

Drummond Castle Gardens

Gardens of Versailles

From episode 2x05 "Untimely Resurrection".


Dean Castle

Beaufort Castle

From episode 2x08 "The Fox's Lair".


Muiravonside Country Park

Battle of Prestonpans

From episode 2x10 "Prestonpans".


Drumlanrig Castle

Bellhurst Manor

From episode 2x11 "Vengeance Is Mine".


Callendar House

Bellhurst Manor (kitchen)

From episode 2x11 "Vengeance Is Mine".


Touch House & Business Centre

Culloden House

The Scottish army assembles on the estate near at Culloden in episode 2x12 "The Hail Mary". From episode 2x13 "Dragonfly in Amber".


Falkland Palace & Garden


Claire buys medical supplies to treat Alex Randall in episode 2x12 "The Hail Mary".


Loch Katrine (eastern picnic spot)

Picnic Spot

Roger and Brianna share a picnic on the edge of the lake in episode 2x13 "Dragonfly in Amber".

Culloden Monument

Culloden Monument

Claire visits the monument of the battle in 1968 and says goodbye to Jaimie in episode 2x13 "Dragonfly in Amber".


Pathfoot Building (University of Stirling)

Inverness College

Brianna goes with Roger when he goes into school and she sees Geillis giving a Scottish independence speech to a group of students in episode 2x13 "Dragonfly in Amber".


124 Dowanhill Street

Claire & Frank's House

Claire returns to her new home with a bundle of firewood and is greeted by one of her neighbors in episode 3x01 "The Battle Joined". Roger arrives at Claire's house in a taxi and psychs himself up to head inside in episode 3x05 "Freedom & Whisky".


Bute Hall (University of Glasgow)

Harvard University

Frank and Claire attend an event with Frank's coworkers and she gets into a discussion with some of the men there in episode 3x01 "The Battle Joined". Brianna shows Roger around the campus and they discuss the history of the building and then they head inside for the event announcing the fellowship in Frank's memory in episode 3x05 "Freedom & Whisky".


Kelvingrove Park

Boston Park

Claire walks with little Brianna in a stroller and later walks past a busker after her first university class in episode 3x02 "Surrender".

Source: IMDb


Wilton House

Palace of Versailles


Glasgow Cathedral

L'Hopital des Anges (interior)


Gosford House

Stables of Versailles


Hunterston House

Raverend Wakefield's House