Outlander Filming Locations

Outlander was filmed in Glasgow in the United Kingdom, Prague in Czechia, and Cape Town in South Africa.

Midhope Castle


Claire visits Lallybroch in 1968 and finds the property abandoned and gone to ruin in episode 2x13 “Dragonfly in Amber”. Jamie is returned to Lallybroch terribly injured after the battle at Culloden Moor in episode 3x01 “The Battle Joined”. Jamie helps out his family while hiding in some caves nearby while the English soldiers regularly harass everyone in episode 3x02 “Surrender”.

Appears in 5 additional episodes.
Also appears in “Castle Leoch”, “Lallybroch”, “The Watch”, “The Search”, & “The Fox's Lair”.

Source: IMDb

Bute Hall (University of Glasgow)

Harvard University

Frank and Claire attend an event with Frank's coworkers and she gets into a discussion with some of the men there in episode 3x01 “The Battle Joined”. Brianna shows Roger around the campus and they discuss the history of the building and then they head inside for the event announcing the fellowship in Frank's memory in episode 3x05 “Freedom & Whisky”.

Doune Castle

Castle Leoch

Claire and Frank explore the ruins of the castle on their honeymoon trip in episode 1x01 “Sassenach”.

Source: IMDb


Craigh na Dun

Clair and Frank watch a mysterious ritual at the stones in the middle of the night and then return the next morning in episode 1x01 “Sassenach”.

Fayre Earth

Farrells General Store

Claire examines the window display in a shop in town in episode 1x01 “Sassenach”.