Get Out Filming Locations

What was supposed to be a normal weekend trip to meet his girlfriend's parents turns into something horrifying.

Part of the 90th Academy Awards Collection

Get Out was filmed in Los Angeles & Mobile in United States of America.
Show Map

De Leon Avenue & Ryan Avenue


A black man is walking through a tree-lined neighborhood when he is attacked and thrown into the trunk of a car.


127 Dauphin Street

Chris's Apartment

Chris is packing for the trip when Rose arrives with pastries. Later, Rod comes by to feed the dog and investigate Chris's suspicions.


World Cruise Center


Rod talks to Chris about Chris's upcoming trip while he stands on the curb outside the airport smoking.


6892 Heathcroft Lane

Armitage House

Chris travels with his girlfriend Rose to her parents' remote home for a weekend with the family.

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Barton Academy

Armitage House (basement)

Chris wakes up strapped to a chair in the basement of the house and is shown a video about what is going to happen to him.