Kim's Convenience Filming Locations

Kim's Convenience was filmed in Toronto in Canada.
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Mimi Variety

Kim's Convenience

Mr. Mehta talks to Mr. Kim about the award while he is sweeping up in episode 2x02 "Business Award". Appa throws the cardboard Jung into the dumpster beside the store in episode 2x04 "Cardboard Jung". The Kims return to the store and Appa marvels at how good they were as criminals in episode 2x07 "Sneak Attack".

Showline Studios

Handy Car & Truck Rentals

Shannon walks in with a new look and Kimchee talks about it with Jung and later Jung tries to tell her his feelings in episode 2x01 "Janet's Roommate". Shannon compliments Jung on biking to work so he gets her a bike so they can be bike buddies in episode 2x02 "Business Award". Jung tries to seem smart and well read in front of his coworkers in episode 2x03 "House Guest".

Exercise Video

The Kims watch a Korean exercise video in episode 1x08 "Service".

Daniel's Spectrum

OCAD University

Janet's teacher tell her that a space has opened up for her in the art show in episode 1x02 "Janet's Photos". Janet's talks to her teacher about her grade for her latest photography assignment in episode 1x06 "Rude Kid".

Queen Street East & Boston Avenue

Street Corner

Jung catches Kimchee using one of the rental company's cars to drive for a ride-sharing service in episode 1x06 "Rude Kid".

Toronto Vietnamese Victory Church

Toronto Korean East-West Presbyterian Church

The Kims attend church where they learn that they have a new pastor in episode 1x08 "Service". Jung shows up unexpectedly to help with the church bazaar in episode 1x09 "Best Before". The Kims participate in a singing competition in episode 1x13 "Family Singing Contest". Umma gets a delivery of face cream from a church friend who just returned from Korea in episode 2x07 "Sneak Attack".

Grange Park


Janet and Semira talks about Janet's new relationship with Alex in episode 1x08 "Service".

Barrio Cerveceria


Appa sits outside smoking with Mr. Mehta and talking about his new car in episode 1x13 "Family Singing Contest".

Pro Glo Paints

Pacific Toronto Wholesale

Appa is picking up goods for the store when someone admires his new car in episode 1x13 "Family Singing Contest".

Kensington Avenue (between St. Andrew & Dundas)

Kensington Market

Appa sees Jung pull up as he is helping Janet move into her new place and he 'helps' Jung parallel park in episode 2x01 "Janet's Roommate".


Alexandra Park


Jung and Kimchee are out having a picnic when they spot a sketchy guy with Shannon's bike in episode 2x02 "Business Award".