My Ex-Ex Filming Locations

My Ex-Ex was filmed in Toronto in Canada.

The Pilot Tavern as The Pilot

Mary tells Sandra and Becky about her upcoming dinner with Ted.

Mistura Restaurant as Gaston's

Ted takes Mary to a fancy restaurant and breaks up with her. Later he returns to break up with Natasha and after that Mary returns to break up with Patrick.

Psychic Place as Psychic Mona Lisa's Shop

Becky and Sandra take Mary to a psychic to look into her future and she returns here when things take an unexpected turn.

Circus Books & Music as Record Store

Mary is out with Sandra as she shops when Patrick spies her through the window and comes in to say hello.

Henry V. Cawthra House as ΑΩΕ

Mary goes to a frat party at Patrick's invitation and Sandra comes by to keep an eye on her and ends up having a threesome with Nathan and Rob.

Thomson Building as Patrick's Work

Patrick is looking at porn at his office when his father, who is also his boss, comes to talk to him about being more professional. Later, after Patrick fails his life insurance test, Mr. Nelson fires Patrick.