Casual Filming Locations

Casual was filmed in Los Angeles in United States of America.
Show Map

North Hollywood Park


Valerie and Jack run into Alex and Judy during a morning walk and they all arrange a dinner in two weeks in episode 3x10 "Cake Walk".


Royal Liquor

Royal Liquor

Laura buys a candy bar to cover for stealing a bottle of whisky in episode 3x10 "Cake Walk".


Lankershim Elementary School

Jose Luis Lopez Charter School

Laura is out walking and drinking when she thinks she sees Casey and ends up winning a cake in episode 3x10 "Cake Walk".


Karate 4 Kids


Alex waits with Judy outside of Clark's karate class and they discuss a plan for sex in episode 3x10 "Cake Walk".


El Portal Theatre

El Portal Theatre

Alex takes Valerie to watch the Episode I trailer, and several months later he is leaving the premiere on a date when he gets word that she is giving birth in episode 3x12 "99".