Thor: Ragnarok Filming Locations

Thor finds himself trapped on a strange world after Odin's death leads to the return of his long banished sister, the Goddess of Death, who plans to conquer the universe.

Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe
Thor: Ragnarok was filmed in Brisbane in Australia and United States of America.

Empty Lot (at Margaret & Albert)

Shady Acres

Thor and Loki go to the retirement home where Loki left Odin only to find it torn to the ground.

Source: Wikipedia


Pinewood Studios Atlanta

Norwegian Field

Dr. Strange transports Thor and Loki to a field in Norway where Odin has decided to spend his final days.


Tamborine National Park

Asgardian Forest

A group of refugees are running through the forest when they run into Heimdall who defends them from their attackers.


Cedar Creek Falls (Tamborine National Park)

Asgard Waterfall

Heimdall leads refugees from the city up to a sanctuary in the mountains.


Esk Lane

New York Alley

Appears to be from an alternate introduction to Hela that was changed for the final film.