The Punisher Filming Locations

Frank Castle takes out his deadly form of justice on the people responsible for the death of his family.

Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Punisher was filmed in New York in the United States of America.

72 West Street

Construction Site

Frank works day and night at a construction site in episode 1x01 “3 AM”. Curtis watches Micro and reports his car back to Frank in episode 1x02 “Two Dead Men”.

Pete's Diner Grill

Pete's Diner Grill

Frank gets a call from Micro on the cell phone and he manages to turn the tables on the hacker in episode 1x02 “Two Dead Men”.

Mt. Zion Cemetery

Mt. Zion Cemetery

Micro goes to his own grave for a meeting with Frank but Curtis show up instead and says the meeting is off in episode 1x02 “Two Dead Men”.

25-20 50th Avenue

Frank's Apartment

Micro tracks Frank from his place using the security cameras and gait recognition in episode 1x02 “Two Dead Men”.

230 Central Park South

Farah Madani's Condo

Dinah talks to her mother about the investigation being quashed by Wolf in episode 1x01 “3 AM”.

Pier 84


Micro tracks Frank as he walks along the waterfront on his way to the church in episode 1x02 “Two Dead Men”.