Tomb Raider Filming Locations

Seven years after the mysterious disappearance of her father, Lara Croft discovers a clue he left behind that leads her to a lost island full of dangers.

Tomb Raider was filmed in London in United Kingdom and South Africa.
Show Map

Old Street & Great Eastern Street


Lara rides her bike through town on a delivery.


The Bengal Flame Restaurant

Lara stops by an Indian restaurant to pick up a delivery.


Tram Depot

Snack Cycle

Lara returns to the bicycle delivery shop and decides to participate in the race to raise some money.

Nomadic Community Garden

Nomadic Community Garden

Lara starts the race while and is followed by a swarm of competitors.

Bethnal Green Road & A10


Lara bikes through town trailing a line of paint chased by other bicyclists.


New Street Square

New Street Square

Lara rides through a busy square while being chased.


Gough Square

Gough Square

Lara gets in front of her pursuers and rides through a square lined with brick buildings.


East Harding Street

Catching a Ride

Lara hops onto the back of a truck with her bike to confuse her pursuers.


Basinghall Street


Lara hides while the other bicyclists ride past and then jumps off the back of the truck and heads down a narrow lane.


Postman's Park


One cyclist manage to locate Lara and she has to dodge through a park to escape him.


Watling Street & Bread Street


Lara barely misses an opening car door on her bike after getting distracted by someone who looks like her father and then slams right into a police car.


Wilton House

Croft Manor

Lara follows her father's clues back to the manor for the first time in years where she finds something hidden in the crypt.


62 Buckingham Gate

Croft Holdings

Lara goes into the office to sign the papers declaring her father legally dead but is distracted by a strange puzzle box he left for her.

City Property Consultants


Lara goes to a pawn shop to raise some money for her trip to search for her father.


Beach below Forest Hall Estate

Yamatai Beach

Lara lands on the beach during the storm and later she finds her way back to the beach after escaping the camp.


Paarl Mountain Local Nature Reserve

Yamatai Jungle

Lara and the slaves are marched through the jungle to the new dig site and later Lara escapes towards the river.

Source: KFTV