Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Filming Locations

A woman hires three billboards outside of her small town to shame the local police chief who has failed to locate the person who raped and murdered her daughter. North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains fill in for Missouri's Ozark Mountains.

Part of the 90th Academy Awards Collection

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri was filmed in Sylva & Black Mountain in United States of America.
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North Fork Left Fork (between Black Bear & Legacy)


The three billboards were placed along North Fork Road on land typically used for livestock grazing.


Jacksons General Store

Ebbing Advertising Company

Red Welby's office was located on the second floor of Jackson's General Store.


Sassy Frass

Ebbing Police Department

Production emptied out the Sassy Frass consignment store to build out Ebbing's police station, then rebuilt the furniture store when they were done. Luckily Google Streetview captured part of the conversion and if you zoom in you can see the transformation take place.


Cullowhee Valley School

Chickasaw Falls High School

Cullowhee Valley is used as the location of Robbie's High School.


West Main Street (between Spring & Evalina)

Ebbing Main Street

Mildred drives past the police station on her way to work and later Willoughby is taken out by ambulance after collapsing.


Country Traditions

Southern Charms

Mildred works at a local town gift shop. Local keepsakes at Country Traditions were replaced with Missouri themed trinkets for the shoot.


Town Pump Tavern

Town Pump Tavern

Local hangout Town Pump Tavern and it's pool table are used in the scene where Mildred goes to the bar.


Haywood Regional Medical Center


Haywood Regional was used to film doctor's office and hospital scenes.


First United Methodist Church

Ebbing Police Department (bathroom)

While most of the Police Station filming took place in a repurposed consignment shop, filmmakers used the church to shoot bathroom scenes.


J. Arthur's

J. Arthur's

J. Arthur's rustic interiors provided the setting for Mildred's date with the used car salesman.