Black Panther Filming Locations

T'Challa returns to his homeland to take up the mantle of king after his father's death but finds his nation in peril when an old foe returns and old secrets are revealed.

Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Black Panther was filmed in Busan in South Korea and Atlanta & Stockbridge in United States of America.
Show Map

Parking Lot (at Auburn & Jackson)

Oakland Lot

Young Erik witnesses the ships from Wakanda arrive at his apartment and later T'Challa takes Shuri with him to California and tells her about his decision to bring Wakanda into the world.


High Museum of Art

Museum of Great Britain

Erik enters a museum and expresses his interest in African artifacts before revealing that one of the items in the collection is a misidentified Wakandan Vibranium tool which he proceeds to steal.


Bouckaert Farms

Wakandan Hillside

The two sides battle on the hillside beneath the mine entrance.

Border Tribe Village

T'Challa visits his friend W'Kabi and they chat about Nakia and her ideas. Later, Killmonger lands at edge of the village with the body of Ulysses Klaue.


675 Metropolitan Parkway Southwest

Busan Market

Nakia escorts T'Challa and Okoye to a underground gambling den where the sale is going down.


자갈치로 near Parking Garage (Jagalchi-ro)

Street near Market

Okoye and Nakia chase the escaping SUVs out of the market.


Jagalchi-ro 47beon-gil


Shuri turns into a narrow alley as a shortcut while T'Challa rides on the roof.


와치로 & 처학서로 (Wachi-ro & Cheonghakseo-ro)


Two of the SUVs turn the corner down a hill followed closely by T'Challa.


남항시장길 & 영선대로 (Namhangsijang-gil & Yeongseon-daero)


T'Challa uses his claws to turn the corner while racing through a busy intersection.


남항대교 (Namhang Bridge)


T'Challa leaps onto one of the SUVs causing it to crash before they drive up onto the bridge.


자갈치로 (Jagalchi-ro) (between 38 & 47)


Okoye gets on top of the car Nakia is driving and throws a spear to stop one of the SUVs.


광안대교 (Diamond Bridge)

Suspension Bridge

T'Challa takes out one of the decoy SUVs and then lands back on the car that Shuri is driving.


주례로 (Jurye-ro) (between 318 & 330)

Top of the Hill

Nakia and Okoye chase Ulysses Klaue down a hill.


주례로 & 가야대로306번길 (Jurye-ro & Gaya-daero 306beon-gil)

Bottom of the Hill

Ulysses Klaue destroys Okoye & Nakia's car and Ross arrives to give them a ride.


광안해변로 (Gwanganhaebyeon-ro) (between 108 & 120)


T'Challa rides on top of the car while it races after Ulysses Klaue's SUV through traffic.


석사로 & 사직북로 (Seoksa-ro & Sajikbuk-ro)


T'Challa is flung into the air when the car he is riding piloted by Shuri is destroyed by Klaue's weapon.


사직북로 (Sajikbuk-ro) (between 5 & 13)


T'Challa leaps on top of Klaue's car and rips off one of the wheels.


Quality Furniture and Design

Busan CIA Black Site (front)

Nakia watches out the window as Ulysses Klaue is interrogated in the back and notices a suspicious van passing several times.


Mitchell Street Office

Busan CIA Black Site (rear)

Killmonger and his goons blow a hole in the back wall of the facility and rescue Ulysses Klaue.


Atlanta Air Salvage

Busan Junkyard

Killmonger and Ulysses Klaue prepare to leave but turn on one another when Killmonger realizes that Ulysses Klaue has no intention of taking him to Wakanda.


Mahers Quarry

Path to the Jabari Land

Ross, Nakia, Shuri, and Romanda head up to the path to Jabari Land and are soon surrounded by warriors.


Atlanta City Hall

Vienna International Centre

T'Challa addresses the United Nations and announces his plan to bring Wakanda out into the world.


Field near Browns Lake

River Tribe Village

Bucky waits up in a hut and finds Shuri waiting for him by the water.