AWOL Filming Locations

AWOL was filmed in Wilkes-Barre in the United States of America.

19 Asian Spa

Armed Forces Recruiting Center

Rayna drives Joey to the recruitment center and encourages her to join.

RiverView Inn


Joey, Rayna, and the girls spend the night in a motel after being turned back at the border.

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City Market / Onion River Co-op

Grocery Store

Rayna comes outside after getting groceries and tells Joey that they've been invited to a party.

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Flamingo Diner

Flamingo Diner

Joey calls her mother and learns that the military called about the stolen tool and then she heads inside where she finds Rayna talking with Roy.

Wyoming Valley Mall


Joey notices a cute girl while meeting her mom at work and when she returns later they talk.

Luzerne County Fair

County Fair

Joey is working at the ice cream stand at the fair when she notices Rayna hanging out with friends.

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Pacther Automotives

Pachter Auto Supply

Joey is out shopping for supplies with Pete to fix up her mom's car when she runs into Roy.

Valley Mart


Joey tries to get cash from the machine during a stop for gas but her card is declined.

Water Street Bridge


Joey rides in the back of the pickup truck with Rayna on the wait out to Rayna's house.


Bus Station

Joey gets off the bus back in town after basic training.



Joey and Rayna get to know one another over beers.

Grassy Ridge Farms

Pumpkin Patch

Rayna is buying pumpkins with her family when she notices Joey working at the stand and asks that they get together.

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I-476 Keyser Avenue Toll Plaza

Border Crossing

Joey and Rayna try to cross the border with the girls but they are turned away because they don't have passports.

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