The Gifted Filming Locations

The Strucker family is forced to go on the run from the government when the two children demonstrate mutant abilities.

Part of the X-Men Collection

The Gifted was filmed in Atlanta & Dallas in the United States of America.

Caravan Motor Hotel

Caravan Motel

Lauren and Andy try to use their powers to get snacks from the machine but Andy loses control and makes a mess in episode 1x01 “eXposed”.

Source: IMDb

Hope City Craft Beer & Wine

Perimeter Bank

Andy uses his powers to break open some parking meters after getting into an argument over robbing a bank to get the money to get across town in episode 1x03 “eXodus”.

Star Metals Atlanta

Alley near Tex's Lounge

Agent Turner puts an ankle tracker on Reed and briefs him on what he needs to do in episode 1x03 “eXodus”.