A Wrinkle in Time Filming Locations

Four years after the mysterious disappearance of her father, a young girl, her brother, and a friend are transported across the galaxy by three mystical beings to search for him before he is lost to the darkness.

A Wrinkle in Time was filmed in Queenstown in New Zealand and Los Angeles & Eureka in United States of America.
Show Map

2523 4th Avenue

Murry House

Meg's father shows her some science and then reassures her about the arrival of her new brother. Later, Charles Wallace invites in a strange woman and then the family has a meal with Calvin.


1927 South Oxford Avenue

Meg's Bedroom

Meg finds herself unable to sleep during a loud storm and heads downstairs.


Crenshaw High School

James Baldwin Middle School

Meg muddles her way through her day until she gets into a fight with her bully Veronica during recess.


Prescott Court (south of 30th, west of Arlington)


Meg tells Charles Wallace to stop talking with strangers while they are out walking their dog Fortinbras and they are greeted by a stranger sitting in his back yard.


West 30th Street (between 4th & Arlington)


Charles Wallace and Meg run into Calvin while walking the dog and he compliments Meg on her throwing arm.


2153 West 30th Street

Mrs. Who's House

Charles Wallace leads Meg and Calvin into a strange house and introduces them to Mrs. Who who speaks only in quotations.


Japanese American National Museum

NASA Center for Advanced Space Technologies

Meg's parents give a presentation on their theory but are laughed out of the room.

Source: IMDb


2515 4th Avenue

Veronica's House

Veronica sees Meg talking with Calvin in the backyard and yells down at them from her bedroom window.


Hunter Valley Station

Uriel Hillside

Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin are transported to a strange alien world by the Mrs. and begin their search.

Source: IMDb

Ben Ohau Station

Camazotz Field

Meg wakes up in a field with Charles Wallace and Calvin and Mrs. Who informs them that they have ended up on Camazotz and that the three beings wouldn't be able to accompany them any further.


Sequoia Park

Camazotz Forest

The field transforms into a forest where Meg and Calvin find themselves separated from Charles Wallace and forced to flee an oncoming storm.


Orbit Lane

Camazotz Suburb

The three kids follow the smell of food to a strange suburb which tries to draw them inside.


Venice Beach (north stretch)

Camazotz Beach

The world transforms once again into a beach filled with people and the kids encounter Red who offers them food before taking Charles Wallace.