Hearts Beat Loud Filming Locations

Just before she heads off to college, a father tries to convince his daughter to form a band.

Hearts Beat Loud was filmed in New York in United States of America.
Show Map

Academy Records

Red Hook Records

Frank runs a record store but informs his landlady that he will be closing up shop.


BASIS Independent Brooklyn

Sam's School

Sam learns about the heart during class.


Dustin Yellin Studio

Art Studio

Sam visits an art studio and meets Rose.


Conover Street (between Dikeman & Coffey)


Frank walks home and smokes after visiting his mother.


Sunny's Bar

Sunny's Bar

Frank visits his friend Dave at the bar he owns and later returns on his sort-of date with Leslie.


Coffey Street (between Ferris & end)


Sam tells Rose why she wants to leave New York and Rose tells her why she came to the city.




Frank makes a scene after he hears the song being played in the bakery.


Richards Street (between Dikeman & Coffey)

Running Home

Frank runs home after hearing his and Sam's song being played in the bakery.



Restaurant & Karaoke

Frank goes out to dinner with Leslie and then after dinner they sing karaoke and kiss.


Kane Street & Court Street

Ghost Bike

Frank visits the monument where his wife was killed while riding her bike.


Stinky Bklyn

Stinky Bklyn

Leslie spots Frank while he is filling out a job application.


Columbia Street Esplanade

Columbia Street Esplanade

Rose teaches Sam to ride a bike and then they ride together.


NYPD 76th Precinct

76th Precinct

Frank has Leslie pay the bail to get his mother out of police custody.


Atelier Roquette


Sam plays a version of 'Hearts Beat Loud' at an open mic night in California.