Colette Filming Locations

The true story of French author Colette and her journey to build her own identity while writing novels to be published with her husband's name.

Colette was filmed in Paris in France, United Kingdom, and Budapest in Hungary.
Show Map

Duna Palota


Colette begins to write La Vagabonde in her dressing room before heading onstage for a performance.


Kálmán Imre Theater

Moulin Rouge (interior)

Colette puts on a performance with Missy that leads to a brawl in the audience caused by Missy's former husband.


Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge (exterior)

People stream into the Moulin Rouge for Colette's performance with Missy.


Quai de Bourbon & Rue le Regrattier

River Overlook

Colette learns against the wall and looks out over the river.