The Sound of Music Filming Locations

A young woman is sent by her convent to be the governess of the seven unruly Von Trapp children in Austria during the rise of the Nazi regime.

The Sound of Music was filmed in Germany and Salzburg in Austria.
Show Map

Mehlweg Hilltop


Maria frolics and sings "The Sound of Music" in the hills over the town.


Nonnberg Abbey

Nonnberg Abbey

Maria sings as she leaves the abbey for her assignment. Later, the Nazis arrive at the abbey and demand to be let inside.

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Nonnberg Abbey (reverse)

Maria leaves the abbey and begins her journey to the Von Trapp family home.



Salzburg Town Square

Maria splashes in the fountain on her way to the Von Trapp home while singing "I Have Confidence". Later, the Nazi soldiers march through town after taking control of Austria.

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Bus Stop

Maria boards the bus heading to the countryside.


Schloss Frohnburg

Von Trapp Home (front)

Maria exist the bus and sings "I Have Confidence" on her way to the home where she is greeted by the butler.


Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron

Von Trapp Home (rear)

The Captain is entertaining Max and the Baroness at the rear of the house when his children come rowing up with Maria singing.

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Mozart Steg

Foot Bridge

Maria and the children run across the bridge on their way to their picnic and look down at the fishes.




Marian leads the children across the square in front of the cathedral.




Maria and the children walk past a fountain on their day out.




Maria attempts to jungle some tomatoes for the children while buying fruit for their picnic.


Meadow off Schartenbergstraße


During their hilltop picnic, Maria learns that the children don't know how to sing and she starts to teach them by singing "Do-Re-Mi".


Humboldt Terrace


Maria sings "Do-Re-Mi" with the children while walking over the town.


151 (near Niedersee)

Lakeside Road

Marian and the children ride bikes beside the lake while singing "Do-Re-Mi".


Nonntaler Hauptstraße (between Zugallistraße & Peterbrunnstraße)

Carriage Ride

Maria guides the children through "Do-Re-Mi" while they ride on a carriage.


Schloss Mirabell & Mirabellgarten


The children and Maria dance around the garden while singing "Do-Re-Mi".

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Oberburgau (near trees)

Tree Lined Road

The Captain is driving Max and the Baroness to his home and they pass the children playing in the trees but don't recognize them.



Salzburg Festival

The Von Trapp family participates in Max's music festival to provide cover for their escape from the Nazis.

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Basilika St. Michael


Maria and the Captain are married in a massive ceremony.

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Mountain Path

The Von Trapp family climbs into the mountain to escape the country.