Lez Bomb Filming Locations

Lauren invites her girlfriend over for Thanksgiving in hope of coming out to her family but finds her efforts thwarted by the arrival of her roommate and a series of unfortunate events.

Lez Bomb was filmed in Jersey City & Ramsey in the United States of America.

Fair Motel as Fair Motel

Rose notices a strange woman in the parking lot and believes her no-good brother is to blame. Later, the whole family comes to the motel after being unable to continue the dinner at home.

17 Lakeside Drive as Rose & George's Home

Lauren attends Thanksgiving at her family's home and attempts repeatedly attempts to come out to her family but is thwarted by a series of incidents.

Ramsey Station as Ramsey Station

Lauren arrives in town and decides to walk to her parents' house and later returns in a car to pick up Hailey.

South Island Avenue as Street past School

Lauren walks past the school carrying her dish on her way to her parents' house.

Wyckoff Lake Beach as Lakeside

George stops while driving with Austin and interrogates him about his relationship with Lauren.

J Owen Grundy Park as Pier

Lauren jogs along the water and later comes to decision about Hailey.

Liberty State Park as Liberty State Park

Lauren stops to rest while jogging through the park.

P&K Fruit Market as Florist

Laura stops to buy some flowers on her way to the yoga studio.