Station 19 Filming Locations

The lives of a group of firefighters in Seattle on and off the job.

Part of the Shondaland Collection

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Station 19 was filmed in Los Angeles & Seattle in United States of America.
Show Map

Occidental Park

Occidental Square

Andy talks to Maya about her boy troubles and Maya gives her advice on how to deal with things in episode 1x01 "Stuck".


Seattle Fire Station 20

Station 19

The crew operates out of the fancy and mordern Fire Station 19 located in Interbay. Ben tries to talk Victoria into assigning him something more interesting than hose cleanup duty in episode 1x01 "Stuck".


Magnolia Boulevard West (between 34th & 36th)

Road to Fire

The Station 19 trucks race down the road towards the house fire in episode 1x01 "Stuck".


2457 43rd Avenue West

House Fire

The crew responds to a house fire where they rescue a woman and her dog Charlie in episode 1x01 "Stuck".


744 Beacon Avenue

Apartment Fire

The crew responds to an apartment fire and find Ryan's squad car blocking the hydrant in episode 1x01 "Stuck".


South Mariposa Avenue (between 7th & 8th)

Stuck Woman

Andy uses the advice Maya gave her to help a woman who became trapped in the space between two buildings while drunk in episode 1x01 "Stuck".