Boomerang Filming Locations

Following the lives of Simone and Bryson, the children of the characters from the 1992 film by the same name, as they look to make their mark in marketing.

Boomerang was filmed in Atlanta in the United States of America.

1181 Barnes Street Northwest

Bryson's House

Bryson shoots his commercial pitch staring Tia but Simone shapes it into her image in pilot episode. Bryson hosts his friends over for a game night and they are joined by two unexpected newcomers in episode 1x02 “Game Night”. Bryson wakes from a dream of having sex with Simone in episode 1x03 “Power”.

Terminus 100

The Graham Agency

The clients overhear Bryson talking about his own idea and ask for him to pitch his version of the ad in pilot episode. Crystal catches Simone raiding the office for supplies and then Bryson shows up and tells her about his upcoming film marketing project in episode 1x03 “Power”.