Wild Rose Filming Locations

Wild Rose was filmed in Glasgow & London in the United Kingdom and Nashville in the United States of America.

Silverburn as Silverburn

Rose-Lynn gets a job cleaning the mall.

City Halls & Old Fruitmarket as Celtic Connections

Rose-Lynn performs her original song during the festival in front of her friends and family.

Glasgow's Grand Ole Opry as Glasgow's Grand Ole Opry

Rose-Lynn tries to get back in the house band after getting out of jail.

BBC Broadcasting House as BBC

Rose-Lynn races to the BBC for her meeting with Bob Harris and she is able to spend the day with him and watch a recording session.

Drake Motel as Drake Motel

Rose-Lynn checks into a motel for her time in Nashville.

Ryman Auditorium as Ryman Auditorium

Rose-Lynn sneaks out of her tour of the historic venue to sing a song on the stage.