Vagrant Queen Filming Locations

The orphaned queen Elida is just trying to make her way in the galaxy while being hunted by the people who killed her family.

Vagrant Queen was filmed in Cape Town in South Africa.
Show Map

Macassar Beach Pavilion

Planet Gallianox

Elida gets jumped by a pair of thieves after her salvage but manages to turn the tables on them in episode 1x01 "A Royal Ass-Kicking".


St. George's Cathedral

Arriopa Admiralty

Lazaro gets ordered back to Arriopa after his failure to capture Elida in episode 1x02 "Yippee Ki Yay".


Taal Monument (Paarl Mountain)

Planet Oro

Two years ago, Elida meets Isaac for the first time and ends up rescuing him when one of his schemes backfires in episode 1x02 "Yippee Ki Yay".