Skins Filming Locations

This British teen drama is filmed on location around Bristol.

Skins was filmed in Bristol in the United Kingdom, New York in the United States of America, and Essaouira in Morocco.

12 Elvaston Road

The Stonem's House

Interior of the Stonem house only in episode 4x05 “Freddie”.

Source: David Hendy

Filton College

Roundview College

some exterior and interior in the beginning of series three

Bus Stop

Bus Stop

where Thomas first meets Pandora and Effy, and where Thomas runs into a crying Emily

Bridge Road

Cook's dad's boat

Series 3 finale, where Cooks dad's boat is docked, in the beginning at least, before the last scene when its in the lock

Manor Road


road used for driving to Gobblers End, and Naomi and Emily bike down one the way to the lake

Fishponds Tavern

Fishponds Tavern

Where the gang goes for a drink in series 5 when they find out Alo has to leave school.

Uncle Keith's Pub

where the gang often drinks in series three



Katie and Emily's episode series 3, store where the girls go shopping and run into Freddie

Lower Castle Street Car Park

Car Park

The car park is used as the roof of Syndicate, the club where Sofia died earlier. In Emily's episode in series 4, where Emily opens Sophia's box and stands on the ledge.

Moon Street

Moon Street

exterior shots before and after going to the club in JJ's episode series three, where JJ finds Emily crying

Pero's Bridge

bridge where Tony talks to the man selling the Big Issue, and on the east side is the bench where Chris and Jal make a pact to change their attitudes


Sci-fi Festival

In Liv's episode in series 5, Liv drops her sister off at to watch videos all day in what looks like a giant silver ball-- it's really just the planetarium outside of @Bristol.