Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Filming Locations

This adaptation of the popular comic series by the same name follows the eponymous hero as he fights the Seven Evil Exes of Ramona Flowers, a girl he’s recently started dating.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World was filmed in Toronto in Canada.
Show Map

65 Alberta Avenue

Scott & Wallace's Apartment

Scott Pilgrim and Wallace Wells live in a small basement suite.

Source: Filmap

Aroma Expresso Bar

Second Cup

Scott visits his sister Stacey at the coffee shop where she works but finds Julie Powers working instead.

St. Michael's College School

Knives's School

Scott and Wallace wait for Knives outside her high school.

Source: Filmap

School Hallway

Scott sees Ramona skating through his mind.

Markville Shopping Centre


Scott and Knives play Ninja Ninja Revolution at an arcade.

Bloor Street West & Bathurst Street


Scott and Knives walk down the street on their date. Later, Scott calls Knives from a pay phone.

Source: Filmap

Goodwill Toronto


Scott and Knives go shopping at Goodwill.


Sonic Boom

Scott goes on a date with Knives, and later he breaks up with her.

Wychwood Library


Scott is looking at books with Knives when he sees Ramona delivering a package to the library.

Queen Street West & Manning Avenue

Walking to Comeau's Party

The gang walks to a party at Comeau's house.

Beta Theta Pi

Comeau's Party

Scott attempt to make a move on Ramona at Comeau's party.

Hillcrest Park


Scott and Ramona sit on the swings during their first date. Later, Scott mopes here while talking with his sister.

Source: Torontoist

294 Carlton Street

Ramona's House (exterior)

Scott says goodbye to Ramona after spending a night at her house.

Source: Filmap

Carlton Street (between Berkeley & Parliament)

Riding the Bus

Scott and Ramona talk while riding the bus.

Parking Lot (off Polson Street)

Lucas Lee Video

A Lucas Lee film plays on the TV while Scott puts on his coat to go out with Knives.

Source: Torontoist

Casa Loma

Casa Loma

Ramona and Scott are on a date when they come upon Lucas Lee's film set and Scott is forced to battle him.

Lee's Palace

Lee's Palace

The Sex Bob-ombs play a set followed by The Clash at Demonhead.

Pizza Pizza

Pizza Pizza

The gang hangs out at the pizza place after the fight with Todd Ingram.

Front Street East (between Princess & Berkeley)

Walking to Afterparty

Scott and Ramona talk while walking to the afterparty.

Source: Torontoist

Artscape Wychwood Barns


The gang attends an afterparty where Romana and Scott battle Roxy Richter.

42 Mill Street

Ninth Circle (exterior)

Ramona tells Scott that she is leaving with Gideon after the Battle of the Bands.

Turner Road (between Hillcrest & Davenport)

Thonking Head

Scott Thonks his head against a pole.

Source: Torontoist

Front Street East & Cherry Street

Chaos Theatre (exterior)

Scott goes to Gideon's Chaos Theatre to rescue Ramona.